Sweaty Eyes - $8.95

Fishing Lessons for Grandpa - $11.95

BJ & the Green Monstah - $12.95

Lucky: A Whale of a Tale - $20.85

Canada Becomes a Federation - paperback - $16.95 Hardback - $31.95


Fishing Lessons for Grandpa

Captain Dave in our book Fishing Lessons for Grandpa is based on a real sea captain.
He was my cousin and a friend. For over 40 years he sailed the North Atlantic many of them as captain of the Richard & Arnold. A fishing vessel built in 1924 and still one of the best boats fishing in Cape Cod bay.

January, 2020

October, 2022

June, 2023

Lucky: A Whale of a Tale

Tom’s first nonfiction book Lucky: A Whale of a Tale is a true story about a Right Whale and includes interesting information about the largest whales that swim in the North Atlantic Ocean.


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